Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Winter Shopping

Got to keep moving to warm up and I think shopping is not such a bad idea. After going around checking out some shops, I have to rest my tired feet and enjoy this glass ceiling allowing me to see through the tall buildings outside. Very nice!

Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney

Winter Wonderland 

It’s fairly warm for winter with 16 - 18C temperature with plenty of sunshine but there’s no stopping our local park to turn into a winter wonderland! Of course, to the local kids’ delight including my own. What a treat during the school’s winter holiday.

Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Vivid Sydney 2018

My boys were so sick when the city lit up so I had to go alone to the Quay to take a peek. I couldn’t last long as it was too cold especially near the water but I was able to get a decent photo of the Opera House. Looked great!

Opera House - Vivid Sydney 2018

Colourful Autumn

When it’s that time of the year when it starts getting cold, sometimes gets a bit or even quite wet but also the time when leaves turn red and orange, it’s exciting and beautiful! I welcome autumn this year with open arms!

Autumn in Sydney

Friday, May 18, 2018

Exploring Northbeach

Northbeach Wollongong is a lovely beach. So wide, there’s a lot of space for everyone. I didn’t really get to swim as the water was already cold but I did jog for two consecutive mornings. It was awesome! There were still some beach goers who did swim and even surf so the water still looked

Northbeach Wollongong

Wollongong Sunrise

Colouring the Cockatoo yellow is this breathtaking sunrise from our balcony. This colour gives me so much energy which is much needed to start my day. It marks the beginning of another lovely day!

Wollongong Sunrise!

Chatty Cockatoo!

This beautiful Cockatoo was our alarm clock in the morning while staying at our Wollongong hotel. It’s colour is actually white but looked so yellow because of the morning sun. We loved it hanging out at our balcony eventhough it leaved some droppings behind :).

Chatty Cockatoo!

Pagoda at Nan Tien Temple

I love this view of the Nan Tien Temple’s pagoda from the Gratitude hill. It was a beautiful, warm day with a little wind so being up there was just an awesome feeling. A perfect day indeed, not too hot and too cold.

Nan Tien Temple Pagoda

Fisherman at Work 

Can you spot the tiny human being down there on top of those rocks trying to catch a fish? I wonder how it might have felt being so close to those crushing waves. I guess super exciting and I’m sure chilly cold.

Fisherman at Wollongong Rocky Coast

Wollongong Head Lighthouse

Wollongong’s two lighthouses are visible from the Northbeach just across the road from the hotel. It was a beautiful day to go up the hill and get up close to at least the head lighthouse. There are also old canons next to it and the view from up there was fantastic!

Wollongong Head Lighthouse

Wollongong Dusk

The view from our balcony’s hotel was truly mesmerizing as the sky coloured up with crescent moon already in place and not to mention the pines with the beach in the background.

Beautiful dusk in Wollongong

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff bridge is one of the attractions on the Grand Pacific Drive. It features a two-lane of traffic and a walkway so you can actually cross the bridge by foot while enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery! This was one of our stops when we did a roadtrip to Wollongong.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Royal Easter Show

What’s the long Easter weekend without going to the Royal Easter Show?  We picked a hot day so we were tried hiding in the shades for a while but when it cooled down, it was ready for the rides! Son had a blast!
Ride at the Royal Easter Show


After seeing the Easter Bunny, went to see the latest Calyx exhibit: Pollination. Less flowers, more greens and some giant bees. Nevertheless, it something worth visiting. Best thing is it’s free!

Pollination at the Calyx

Easter Bunny

Went to the Royal Botanic Garden for the great Egg Hunt. My son enjoyed all activities before getting to the Easter Bunny. What a delight to see this female bunny waiting for us to have a photo with. Something to look forward again next year.

Easter Bunny waiting at the Calyx

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Saw this lovely lanterns hanging on Pitt St. in celebration for the Chinese New Year.  I usually cross the pedestrian bridge linking Westfield and Myer and I get to see shoppers below and the occasional themed decorations.

Chinese New Year lanterns, Pitt St.

Summer Feel

Darling Harbour was all into summer with these colourful inflatables at the Cockle Bay wharf. They were part of the paddle boat activity to give a full summer feel to everyone.

Summer Inflatables at Cockle Bay Wharf

Barangaroo Reserve 

Finally, explored Barangaroo and its reserve. We love the reserve, nice place to relax and watch small boats, ferries and huge cruise ships sailed by. We enjoyed the lovely view of the harbour and the Harbour Bridge from the other side. It’s an ideal place to picnic.

Sandstones at the Barangaroo Reserve


Darling Harbour, since its facelift, has a lot of things to offer. Kids can change one fun activity to another. At that time, we just came from the playground and found another place to explore. This water fountain is irresistible for kids. It’s been around even before the renovations. Good thing, they kept it.

Water fountain, Darling Harbour

Pixel Forest

My son and I went to see the Pipilotti Rist exhibit last summer and the Pixel Forest was definitely our favourite. It was a room filled with these lights that looked like pixels which were suspended from the ceiling. Lights changed colours, it was very captivating!

Pixel Forest, Pipilotti Rist exhibit

Beach Time

It was extremely hot, temperature reaching 40 degrees and we thought a cool breeze on the beach was the best solution. And it was! Slices of cold, sweet and juicy watermelon helped beat the heat as well!

Enjoying summer heat at Balmoral Beach

Most Beautiful Harbour

It’s indeed the most beautiful harbour, the Sydney harbour! Took this photo when we crossed the Harbour Bridge from Milson’s Point to the Rocks. It was a lovely day, we enjoyed our walk, stopping from time to time to take a shot of this lovely view.

Sydney Harbour with the Opera House

Chinese Garden Visit

I always love to visit the Chinese Garden here in Sydney. It’s peaceful and the landscape is fun to explore. It’s like a little oasis in the city. A small garden but packed with lizards, dragons, birds, dragonflies and colourful koi fishes. I like climbing to the top where this pagoda is. Lovely view of the garden from up there.

Pagoda at the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Prada’s Window Display

I love Prada’s Christmas window display this year, looks very futuristic! I thought I’ve seen Wall-e that went through a makeover. Very new and shiny, very Prada! Definitely, a robot who wears Prada!

Wall-e? Wearing Prada?

Christmas House

Christmas is upon us especially in North Sydney’s Civic Park next to the Stanton Library. This year looks quite festive! People dropping by for the Twilight Food Fair will definitely have the Christmas feel. There’s the Christmas house, a Christmas tree, a bauble and a present all lit up at night and are perfect for photo ops!

Chrismas House at Civic Park, North Sydney

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kangaroos Up Close

We didn't expect we would meet some locals at our stay in the Gold Coast. These kangaroos are used to humans and they're free-roaming the Intercontinental hotel ground. It was nice to see them up close and not in the zoo. Quite peaceful animals really, just minding their own thing :).

Free-roaming kangaroos at the Intercontinental Hotel, Gold Coast

Tiger Experience

One of our loved destinations at Dreamworld was the Tiger Island. 4 beautiful tigers showcased their skills by the help of their trainers. It was amazing to see what they can do if trained properly. One of the tigers could climbed a pole and dived as well. So take note, they can climb and dive, I repeat :).

Trained tiger, Tiger Island, Dreamworld

Starstruck by Po

Met and greeted one of our favourite celebrities at Dreamworld! It was no other than Po himself from Kung Fu Panda! I was so starstruck when he came out of the gate just behind us and proudly beaming to say, I was the first one to give him a cuddle :). Second was my son :).

Po Kung Fu Panda at Dreamworld

The Candy Shop

The candy shop at Dreamworld was one of our favorite destinations and it's connected to another favorite, the ice cream parlor :). Really, how can one resist? My son burst into the shop, me in tow, of course and we were like in sweet heaven. Purely fun!

Candy Shop at Dreamworld, Gold Coast

Intercontinental Life

Yes we loved the Intercontinental life! It was beautiful and relaxing. Not trying to promote but hey we had a great experience and would highly recommend it specially to families with kids. They have great food, big pools and a spa, hotel ground is green, proximity to the marine shopping village and it's close to Dreamworld. Just a note: it's a bit far from the Gold Coast airport though.

Intercontinental Hotel, Hope Island, Gold Coast

Relaxing Beach Pool

While at the Gold Coast, we stayed at the Intercontinental, Hope Island and glad I picked that hotel. We had a wonderful and relaxing stay. Thanks to its beautiful surroundings and of course the relaxing pools and spa. The beach pool is a natural addition to the already green and leafy hotel ground.

Beach pool of Intercontinental Hope Island, the Gold Coast

Flower Colour Explosion

I have to applaud the curator of the Royal Botanical Garden for once again coming up with a fantastic combination of flowers planted in different parts of the garden this year's spring. This one is near the rose garden, on the way to Macquarie St. where the angel fountain is located. It was a wow sight! A truly explosion of colours!

Spring 2017, the Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney

Spring Walk 2017

I was looking forward to see the blossoming peach trees but somehow the flowers didn't really come at once this year nevertheless the flowers on the ground were as pretty. This year the spring walk wasn't just dominated by the Wisteria but also by these colourful flowers (don't know the name)!

Spring Walk at the Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney

The Beautiful Wisteria

Officially spring in this side of the world and Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden was showing off its beautiful spring display. The Spring Walk this year was dominated by the lovely Wisterias in different varieties. They were a sight to enjoy!

Beautiful Wisteria, the Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Beautiful Wait

For a couple of hours, I had to wait to get into a concert at the Olympic Park. I guess I was too early. But how nice it is to wait when the temperature was so comfortable and I get to enjoy this very beautiful view! Definitely a cure for someone as impatient as I am.

Sunset at the Olympic Park Sydney

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spring is in the Air

Definitely, spring 2017 is here with the signs of blossoms everywhere. But which store could possibly beat DJ when it comes to decorations? This year, their lavish spring decoration is a must-see! David Jones ground floor is adorned with beautiful flowers. Such a lovely sight to shop!

David Jones Ground Floor, Elizabeth St.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fluffiness and Cuteness Overload

Found these super cute fluffy toys at Mini So in Chatswood. Like me, you won't be able to resist them. Touched some of them and they were super soft and cuddly. A destresser during tough days!

Mini So's cuddly toys

Vivid Sydney 2017

It was too cold for me to go around at the heights of Vivid Sydney this year but still lucky enough to see some traces of the event inside a cozy, warm mall. These monkeys were hanging all over Westfield Pitt St's foodcourt. Colourful addition to the place.

Vivid Sydney 2017, Westfield Pitt St.

Books and Architecture

I love working in this place. Basically, it's a huge room with its surrounding walls full of books! Plus it has a beautiful ceiling allowing natural light to lit up the whole place. Not the forget, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows. And of course, very quiet as it is a library.

Mitchell Reading Library

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flower Heaven

The newly opened Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden is All About Flowers this time. And it's something you don't wanna miss out. The wall is prettily decorated with small poinsettias forming large flowers and lovely orchids dominated the central area. A must see this winter!

All About Flowers Exhibition at the Calyx

Spring in Winter

Winter in Sydney is obviously warm enough to call out spring flowers. These lovely little-bell like blossoms are already showing off their beauty at the Royal Botanic Garden. They definitely make winter more bearable.

Early spring blossoms at the Royal Botanic Garden

Art at the Galleries 

Beautiful wall art next to the toilet at the first floor of Galleries Victoria. It has that anime feel in it which kind of match the general atmosphere of the mall as it offers some popular Japanese shop and restaurants. Love the place!

Wall art at Galleries Victoria

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Fountain

This colour-changing fountain is always a lovely sight at Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour. For a lively Christmas atmosphere, someone added a ginormous, also colour-changing star just behind the fountain. This is so popular that it's hard to get a photo without photobombers.

Fountain at Cockle Bay Wharf


This walk bridge connecting the parking area to Darling Harbour is beyond practical, it's also pretty. I love the wooden floor and you've got to watch cars zooming the road right under it, which is always a sight for my little boy who loves cars! But during Christmas time, it looks extra special with these lighted mistletoes on the glass walls. Just lovely!

Darling Harbour

Star Wars Advent Calendar

My son got a Lego Star Wars advent calendar this Christmas. The figures are so cute that I thought they are worth sharing. Behold, Luke Skywalker being confronted by a storm trooper. We've got C3P0 behind to warn our guy :).

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2015

Sunday, December 11, 2016

QVB Christmas Tree

Of course what's Christmas in Sydney without taking a glimpse of the grandiose Swarovski Christmas tree inside the Queen Victoria Building. It's said to be the tallest indoor Christmas tree in the city that it's impossible to take a photo of the whole tree with the available space around it. So yes, I got probably half of it here.

Swarovski Christmas tree, QVB

Lights of Christmas

The St. Mary's Cathedral is one of our favorite destinations during Christmas as it hosts a spectacular Christmas-related light show. The church facade turns into a series of lovely still images and even animations. This year, we were lucky enough to see the show with the moon peeking through the clouds, just wonderful!

Lights of Christmas, St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Tree 2016

The Christmas tree is up and the gift wrapping is to follow. It's a very busy and exciting time of the year! It's the same thing we do every year yet it never gets dull. That's the spirit of Christmas and let's hope everyone gets to celebrate like this way!

Christmas Tree 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Purple Tree

Spring in Sydney means patches of purple around the city and that's because of the beautiful Jacarandas and their blossoms. In comparison to the cherry blossoms, Jacaranda lasts longer. I guess 3 weeks or even more. That's a lot of time to enjoy this beauty. So go around, walk in your neighborhood, you'll never know just at the next lane, Jacaranda trees are lined up happily to greet you.

Blossoming Jacaranda tree at Hyde Park

Pink and Lavender

Spring in Sydney is fabulous when it comes to blossoms. The rose garden in the Royal Botanical Garden is a must to visit around mid October. It showcases roses in different colors and sizes. The whole place smells very sweet, it's peaceful that it's a sin to not pause, sit and admire those beauty. I could stay there for the whole day!

The rose garden, the Royal Botanic Garden